Nirav's Sketch

The Magical touch of an Artist!!

It was nearly 8 months back when I met her for the first time. I had known her earlier through her artistic works. I wasn’t really expecting her to meet her then but after all it was her exhibition. The room had sullen, deem lights that exactly matched the theme of the canvass. I felt as if I were in my dream, muddleheaded by those luring colors and the small poetic lines just added the flavor to it. The theme of the exhibition was women, depicting that women has a heart of mother and in addition to power of goddess. She stood beside me and smiled at me; I had lost all my senses, and didn’t know how I should react, I felt little uncomfortable, and she asked me how were the paintings? I told her, they were all magnificent, those color combinations, the depth and realism to the characters, needless to say I could gaze the paintings for hours.

Erina Tamrakar Art

Her creation at Exhibition Hall

Erina Tamrakar Art

Her creation at Exhibition Hall

Erina Tamrakar

Her recent painting depicting the life at Mustang

Few months back, one of my friends asked me if I was really interested in taking art class. I was really happy and when I went there, she was right in front of me. For a moment I was speechless like before. She asked me, what I would like to learn; I wasted no time and replied I wish to draw portraits. Since then I have been drawing sketches, mostly portraits. With each sketches, I have been improving myself, overcoming my flaws. I have learnt to blend with charcoals, smudge them to give them realistic characteristics. I love making my hands dirty.

Sri Sri Ravishankar's sketch

My sketch of Sri Sri Ravishankar

A friend of mine used to say, drawing is like meditation, it gives him a different peace of mind, and now I can’t agree him more. She is one of the most humble person, I have ever met, she never gets tired of teaching us. I see a different aura in her face, and sometimes I wonder how someone can be so passionate and dedicated in arts. It’s been almost 25 years she has been in this field.

She says to me,

“You can achieve success only if you give your 100% to your work. Art is divine. May be, your creation may not look nice, but remember me it will always make you happy in the end.”

Sometimes I really envy my fellow classmates, looking at their paintings and sketches. They are really talented bunch of peoples. All we can do is learn from each other’s work. One of the best moments for a teacher is to see that her students are making their own identity and I am really fortunate of being her disciple. Quite often, I say she has a magical touch, and if only she touches our sketches, they comes to life and she replies to it saying it’s only a matter of practice. I wish to see more of her beautiful paintings in days to come, all the best for her future and may many students are able to get her blessings and learn from her.

To : One of the best teacher in the World, Erina Ma’am.

Nirav Shrestha

Teacher and her student at class



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