Be Thankful

Everyday we get up from bed and prepare to shine. We don’t know the future and we won’t be knowing how our day is going to end. But we hope to end it very well and we work for it.

But things always does not go as planned. Sometimes the last thing you want comes in first and sometimes the first thing you want never comes. Sometimes….

But now as I move on, I begin to remember “My Dear God” everyday and be thankful for the day he has given to me with the fact that I am a man and I might need to face much difficult scene than I am facing today. I thank god for taking me step by step to become more mature and strong, making me face difficult situation and learn bit by bit.

This all started during a trip to inspect trail bridges. I was accompanying my friend for that.

We had to travel different VDCs. As we went on, we had to spend a night in a hotel where lodging was supposed to be a place surrounded by a tin like structure (jasta pata in Nepali). There was a bed and the floor was a direct soil.

I first murmured about it but then I thought I should be capable of adapting to the worst condition than this. This is nothing. Then I thanked god for letting me to stay in a room surrounded by tin and providing me with bed.

I thought of the people who were unfortunate that they had to spent their night in a mere road and unlike theirs it was only one night that I had to spent and with a bed and tin as an added advantage. And I prayed to god someday, may I be able to do something for them.

By that way, I made the situation pass easy and I got courage to face more difficult situation. Everything is just a state of mind. All we need is to be thankful to god for what he has given to us since we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us.

AUTHOR: Avishek Shrestha


Born in 1991, Avishek Shrestha is from Bhaktapur, Nepal. He completed his BE in Civil Engineering from Kathmandu University in 2013 AD and is currently working as an engineering intern in RAP3 (Rural Access Programme). He’s a big fan of music and specially follows alternative rock and hip-hop.
He writes infrequently. He watches cricket only if its game of Nepal, watches football if its English Premier League or the same reason as of cricket; but plays basketball as if it’s the end of the world. He is a Scorpio and he believes every personality trait of Scorpio that you may find in internet applies to him.



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